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How to video yourself in Microsoft Teams

Record yourself on Microsoft Teams

Are you part of a pre-recorded meeting and need to film yourself? Microsoft Teams is the best way to do this. Here’s the steps to follow…

Adapting Employee Communications for Hybrid and Remote Working

Blue Juice Design Top Tips for Hybrid and Remote Employee Communications

Hybrid and remote working means adapting employee communications. We share top tips on how to keep your teams engaged and feel included.

Employee Communication during Covid

Communicating during Covid

As organisations remodel at near lightning speed, majority of employee communications focus on new strategies and what needs to be done.  Employees must effect these changes whilst embracing a totally different way of working causing pandemic and change fatigue, isolation and the consequences of “living at the office”.  Hybrid and fully remote working for many…

Pandemic Dictates 2021 Design Trends

Covid has impacted how communications are visually delivered.  And brand teams are cautious not to make design mistakes with limited budgets.  With remote working the norm too there’s a shift in how communications are designed and delivered. Here’s the top trends in design for this year: Softer colour palettes Muted tones replace brighter colours with…

Start-Up Marketing 101

10 Steps to Market your Start-Up

We help many start-ups and budding entrepreneurs establish professional branding as a vital first step in making a lasting impression for their target audience.  But quite often newbies to the business world love their branding, have great products to sell, and then get stuck.  “What do I do now?” they ask.  While the answer differs…

It’s time for reinvention

Time for change

As we all scramble to figure out the ‘new normal’, grieve loss of life and the familiar past, and vitally pivot personally and as businesses to a post-Covid-19 world, it’s clear the only way forward is to embrace the change. No doubt, what we’re collectively experiencing is painful, but also presents an unprecedented opportunity to…

How to Nail eLearning

Nail eLearning

We’ve been working with companies for years to develop eLearning materials, as well as branding and customising LMS platforms, and crafting communication campaigns to introduce and sustain participation in ‘always on’ learning. We’ve built up a wealth of knowledge so we’re sharing our top tips with you to ensure your eLearning success.  The same principles…

Does the ‘new normal’ have you in a bit of a spin? Here’s how to conquer the conference call!

In our ‘new normal’ working from home during the Coronvirus crisis, connecting with colleagues and clients can only be done digitally.  For those who are used to conference calls, like us, there’s no fuss… it’s business as usual.  But if you’re used to operating face to face though, it can be a little daunting.  Here’s…