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Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities

In today’s increasingly remote work environment, fostering team cohesion and maintaining strong interpersonal relationships can be a challenge. That’s where virtual team building activities come into play. These activities not only enhance collaboration but also inject some much-needed fun into the workday. If you’re looking for innovative ways to keep your remote team engaged and…

The importance of positioning to create real consumer and employee engagement

The importance of positioning to create real consumer and employee engagement

Positioning your communications The starting point for any communications strategy is agreeing your positioning for all your communications – a set of guiding principles by which all campaigns are created and rolled out. This applies to employee and consumer communications alike. There are 3 universal principles that are interlinked. When used together they ensure engagement…

Maximise your organizations’ SharePoint site

How to maximise your organisations' SharePoint Site

An organizations’ SharePoint intranet is a powerful tool, not just for communicating with employees. Your site can fundamentally change ways of working improving employee effectiveness. So, what’s the purpose of your intranet? We’ve created a helpful guide on how to maximise your SharePoint intranet to take full advantage of all the benefits from fostering company…

Employee-Generated Videos

Employee-Generated Video of staff creating content

Successful companies know the power of effective communication in inspiring their workforce to achieve a shared vision. Employee-generated videos are a key element of this strategy, offering a personal and authentic look at the workplace. When colleagues see each other in a video about factory-floor safety, HR training, or living the business values, they are…

Adapting Employee Communications for Hybrid and Remote Working

Blue Juice Design Top Tips for Hybrid and Remote Employee Communications

Hybrid and remote working means adapting employee communications. We share top tips on how to keep your teams engaged and feel included.

Employee Communication during Covid

Communicating during Covid

As organisations remodel at near lightning speed, majority of employee communications focus on new strategies and what needs to be done.  Employees must effect these changes whilst embracing a totally different way of working causing pandemic and change fatigue, isolation and the consequences of “living at the office”.  Hybrid and fully remote working for many…

Pandemic Dictates 2021 Design Trends

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Covid has impacted how communications are visually delivered.  And brand teams are cautious not to make design mistakes with limited budgets.  With remote working the norm too there’s a shift in how communications are designed and delivered. Here’s the top trends in design for this year: Softer colour palettes Muted tones replace brighter colours with…