Celebrating Being Unique

A key success factor in business is clearly articulating your unique offering.   At Blue Juice we’re proud to be a little off centre, and here’s why…

We don’t have a traditional agency model. 

As owners we have many years’ experience working for corporates in various roles and sectors but never in an agency environment. With no frame of reference other than our wits, we’ve created our business model to suit our client’s needs adapting it as we go.  This enables us to be fluid and agile, never stuck.  We often create new roles and allow the team to shape their roles around their cores strengths, passion and skills.

We believe the key to success is partnership with our clients. 

This is achieved through mutual trust, reliability and shared common goals.

We’ve proved we can achieve great things when a true sense of partnership exists with our clients:  collaboration, sharing of knowledge, resources and ideas.  The result:  our clients receive awesome design and digital solutions and our team have the joy of co-creation.  Our clients are as excited to celebrate and share the work we’ve done as we are to have created it.

Living our Values

As a bunch of crack pot creatives, we live our BLUE values which form both our culture and way of working.  We are bold, lively, unique and effective.

So here’s to being unique and loving every minute of it!

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