Are you Instagram savvy?

Instagram savvy

At Blue Juice we lovingly refer to Instagram as ‘The Fickle Pickle’ as users are very picky about who they follow.  Visual appeal of posts and the consistency of all posts in an account is important to them.  And if you’re not on trend you’ll quickly be unfollowed.

To really crack Instagram, you need to create engagement! Engagement is likes, comments and interactions you have with followers on your account. As with all social media platforms, the Instagram algorithm boosts the posts that gain more likes and comments… it’s a popularity contest.

Creating a ton of engagement early, is particularly important.  Why? Engagement (likes, comments) indicates to the Instagram algorithm that a post is worth pushing to the top of other users’ feeds, which in turn, leads to even more engagement.

To get on the Explore page or the Top Posts of a hashtag, you must generate a ton of likes, comments and shares as quickly as possible.

Engagement with your existing followers and target audiences doesn’t just happen by magic. Engagement strategies need to be planned and implemented to make it happen.

If you need help with your Instagram account and want to see real ROI talk to us at Blue Juice Design. www.bluejuicedesign.com or mail sandy@bluejuicedesign.com

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