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Going Digital

Going digital

What does ‘going digital’ really mean? ‘Digital’ – the buzz word that’s hot on the agenda from global organisations to small business. But what does ‘going digital’ really mean and how should you tackle it? The transition to ‘going digital’ often starts with the ostrich model – hiding from it in the hope that this…

8 Ways to Boost Communications

8 Ways to Boost Communications

For most established corporates communication channels are already in place, but perhaps your internal comms is in its infancy and needs to be established.  With 10 years’ experience specialising in the field of internal comms we know what works. The key is two-fold: Establish a variety of channels – just an intranet or one noticeboard…

Digital Trends report article

Digital trends report

KEY DIGITAL TRENDS We thought we’d share some of the main takeaways from the 2017 Digital Trends report released by Econsultancy, in association with Adobe. Over 14 000 digital marketing and ecommerce professionals took part in the global survey that the report is based on. Major insights from the report are: Experience is everything Organisations who…

Need an animation to get your message across loud, quick and clear?

Animation deets

Yeah, they’re really cool but they don’t pop out in a flash so here’s the deets on how long it takes to produce one of these babies. First, a couple of things you should know about animations: You’ll have to think about animation in a different way to PowerPoint presentations or PDFs which is usually…