Need an animation to get your message across loud, quick and clear?

Yeah, they’re really cool but they don’t pop out in a flash so here’s the deets on how long it takes to produce one of these babies.

First, a couple of things you should know about animations:

  • You’ll have to think about animation in a different way to PowerPoint presentations or PDFs which is usually the starting point. This is hard when it’s not your expertise so that’s where we help with the script and process.
  • The sweet spot for animations is max 4 minutes. I know right, you’ve got loads to explain such as a new process with all the in’s and out’s to get across to your audience but fitting it into 4 minutes sounds ridiculous.  It actually may be impossible depending on your content, so you have to look at creating a series of animations keeping them bite sized and easily digestible.
  • Get funky with the graphics. We’ve done all sorts of animations from really serious ones to off the wall funny ones.  The point of an animation is to get your message across in a medium that’s fun and quick to consume so it’s all about the graphics.  Let us help you push the boundaries when it comes to characters and scenes used.
  • Music is also key and will rely on the tone of your message.
  • Narration is only done once the script is finalised. We use professional voice artists who record in studio.  Any errors, repeats, um’s and breaks are edited out to deliver a professional voice over.

Ok so the process… how long is this thing going to take to create?

In short roughly 3-4 weeks.

  • It all starts with your script which can be in a Word doc or a PowerPoint. It can be finalised for us to go straight to design or we can write it for you.  But it’s always best if you give it a go yourself as you know your content best.
  • Once the script is finalised we multi-task and get the narrative recorded while we start the design of the storyboard. We design each frame to show you how the narration relates and describe the animation.  This process is done collaboratively between copywriting, designers and animation specialists.
  • On approval of the storyboard we source background music and start production. Depending on the length of your animation this could take 5 – 15 working days to complete. It’s all down to the length and complexity of movements required.

We hope this helps to give you a better idea of the animation process and time frames. Check out one of our animations,below.

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