PDF Power

PDF power

Interactive PDFs are the biz. If you don’t know how powerful they are, you’re in for a surprise.

Interactive PDF functionality

With Adobe interactive PDF functionality we can turn a plain form into a highly functional work of art. Functionality includes:

  • drop down selection lists
  • check boxes
  • multiple choice selections
  • navigation from one page to the next, horizontal or vertical
  • navigation can have a rollover colour effect so when clicked the button changes colour
  • one step further is adding movement to buttons
  • hyperlinks to external links or email addresses
  • text fields with optional fixed character limits
  • font can be locked down in the PDF too

This unique functionality is perfect for surveys, polls, questionnaires, competition entry forms or even indemnity forms. Each form is custom and can be tailored to suit your company’s specific needs.

An interactive PDF form is a great way to set up a competition quickly and easily. With the functionality it’s like having a mini website in a document without the time and cost of setting up a site.

Check out our example form here >