It’s time for reinvention

Time for change

As we all scramble to figure out the ‘new normal’, grieve loss of life and the familiar past, and vitally pivot personally and as businesses to a post-Covid-19 world, it’s clear the only way forward is to embrace the change.

No doubt, what we’re collectively experiencing is painful, but also presents an unprecedented opportunity to hit reset. We resonate with what John Sanei, author of Future Now (available free here), said in a recent interview:

“Now is the time to invent new ways to add value to a world in desperate need of help.  That may mean that we need to start again and reimagine our purpose.” 

To flourish we need to be flexible and adaptable.  The companies and people that can change to suit changing consumer and market needs will survive and thrive.

Depending on your role or business model, it may be time for you to do a Cortés and burn the ships to force yourself or team forward into the ‘New World’. It’s easier said than done of course.  It requires us to unlearn old ways of thinking, working, leading, marketing… everything! Alan Watts put it so eloquently:

“The knowledgeable man has to learn something new every day.  But the wise man has to unlearn something new every day.”

Now, amidst total mayhem the world over, is the perfect time to take stock of where you or your business is. Understand the changing needs of your company, consumers, and teams if you’re a leader. Find strategies that will meet these needs and FAST. Then put them into action. Adapt or die has never been more true!