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Need some social media post inspiration? Here’s 14 post ideas to get you going.

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We found this great summary with 14 post ideas from SO ME Academy > Here’s the summary: Cross-promote your social channels so link a FB post to a blog for example Offer a fact related to your business or target audience Run competitions Post industry news Fan only offers – rewards to loyal customers Behind…

Still use Twitter? Here’s how to get your chirp on!

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It is surprising to know with 262.7 millions users globally, Twitter ranks lowest in social media usage globally.  But with millions of users it still has a valid place in the market. Twitter users log in more frequently compared to other platforms. Users tend to follow celebrities, brands and other users to get to know…

Is your newsletter successful? Here’s how you can track ROI.

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You go to great effort to interview teams and create networks to capture the latest news and events across your division or business. Content is carefully copy written and packaged into a beautiful digital newsletter distributed every month at the same time for consistency.  You’re doing everything right, right? But what happens after you hit…

Create a Cracking Campaign

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Want a cracking communications campaign?  It all starts with sound strategy, effective key messages and planning.  Once those building blocks are in place we bring it together with great design. Here’s tips to creating a great communications campaign: Target audience: Identify your different audiences and what they are required to do within the campaign e.g. …