Adapting Employee Communications for Hybrid and Remote Working

Blue Juice Design Top Tips for Hybrid and Remote Employee Communications

Hybrid and remote working means adapting employee communications.  We share top tips on how to keep your teams engaged and feel included.

Communication channels and frequency

  • Leverage digital technology to connect in-person and remote employees
  • Increase frequency of newsletter to keep remote and hybrid teams in the loop
  • Implement more video team building events
  • Use WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams to deliver urgent information to remote employees

Strong leadership communications

  • Personalise leadership emails to connect with remote employees
  • Use self-recorded video content to add personalization
  • Avoid using jargon in communications where possible

Emphasize corporate social responsibility

Use virtual town halls to share initiatives and enable employees to participate in these activities to feel connected

Employee Wellness Focus

  • Have regular employee wellness check-in surveys
  • Allow anonymous feedback on mental health and wellness struggles working remote/hybrid
  • Launch mental health and wellness virtual events and webinars to engage employees in need

Internal Marketing

  • Encourage employee feedback
  • Step up on employee recognition ideas so employees feel valued
  • Offer a variety of remote or hybrid working options

Use data to drive communications

  • Measure analytics on current newsletters and views of materials shared
  • Use interactive communications enabling commenting

Virtual team-building ideas

  • Employee virtual game sessions
  • Set up virtual escape rooms
  • Use employee pulse surveys to find out what employees would like to do to stay connected

Boost employee sentiment

  • Create a scale of 0-10 on how likely employees would recommend the business as a place to work
  • Include humour by adding GIFs into newsletters and emails (use emojis for visual)

Communicate visually

  • Use infographics to summarise key information
  • Create more video content for information sharing

Foster diversity and inclusion

  • Launch a campaign for employees to share their culture
  • Ask employees to share working-from-home selfies (cat walking on desk image) and share this within teams