Pandemic Dictates 2021 Design Trends

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Covid has impacted how communications are visually delivered.  And brand teams are cautious not to make design mistakes with limited budgets.  With remote working the norm too there’s a shift in how communications are designed and delivered.

Here’s the top trends in design for this year:

Softer colour palettes

Muted tones replace brighter colours with high saturation giving a sense of safety and calm.

Simple information visualisation

The goal is to make complex data simple and easy to consume.

Geometric shapes and styles

The sharp and rigid shapes and patterns of geometric design work hand in hand with the muted colours create contrast.

2D icons and illustrations

Simplified, flat design is being utilised by brands for social media, websites and visual communications in the form of infographics and illustration design vs the use of photography.

Classic Typography

Serif fonts are perfect examples of classic typography having been around since the 15th century. This was a time of elegance and labelled classical bringing a sense of nostalgia. In this age, many corporate brands such as financial services use Serif fonts which portray trust much needed during the pandemic.

Social media carousel posts

A known trend over social media, such as Instagram and LinkedIn, is the use of Slide decks – visual ways of conveying long messages but in smaller doses in a series of posts instead of only one. They also receive higher traffic being promoted more on the social media algorithms than normal posts.

Wordy videos

With remote and now hybrid working being the new norm with restrictions on social interaction, shooting moving videos is difficult. The answer is text heavy videos and illustrative animations for communications. The advantages of this is less time spent on the creation and less cost in production.

Design is powerful and this year it’s sensitive to the pandemic.

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