A new decade a new identity – Tips for creating a brand with impact

A new decade a new identity Tips for creating a brand with impact

Creating an impactful brand starts with building a strong brand identity. A brand is a distinguishing mark which stems from various elements. Each brand should have something unique that sets it apart from competitors. This can be evident in the name of the brand, motto, tagline and visual identity.

To develop this unique edge one should consider; brand personality, attributes, benefits, positioning, value and vision are key points to keep in mind. Once these considerations need to be shared with the designer or design agency to provide concrete background on the direction to follow to provide a logo that will set your brand apart from the competition. Below is a logo checklist to help you select the best fit for your brand.

  1. Is your logo relevant? (Is the imagery used aligned to the product or service you provide?)
  2. Is your logo innovative? (Does the logo strike a balance between relevance and quirkiness?)
  3. Is the colour recognisable? (Are the colours appealing? Do they stand out? Are the colours complimentary to the brand and do they truly represent the brand?)
  4. Is your logo memorable? (Does the imagery of the logo stick in your memory? Ask a group of people why they would want to use this brand product or service and conclude whether the logo is memorable)
  5. Is the logo simple enough? (Less is more but does it convey the product/service you provide? Stay away from unnecessary imagery that does not properly convey what the brand stands for)
  6. Is the logo symmetrical? (While the brand may use asymmetry on purpose to be innovative while still true to the brand remember is it is disproportionate it will be noticeable and unsettling for customers)
  7. Does it make use of negative space? (Negative space can be a clever way of getting your customers to see beyond the surface and also add a memorable factor to your design)
  8. Is it scalable? (Is the logo legible when scaled down? Does it lose its essence when it is small or large?)
  9. Is it trendy enough? (logo trends are good to use as reference but steer clear of copying and pasting as it will lead to something cliché and redundant. Stay true to the brand and always create something from scratch)

Remember to always ensure your brand is 100% and does not mimic or copy something that already exists. Hope this helps to set you on the right path!