Design trends 2020

Design trends 2020

The beginning of a new decade is a signal for fresh ideas. Looking back at the last ten years and how design has evolved, there have been many unique and influential trends that have surfaced in print and digital media. With this in mind we search to find out what the trends for 2020 will be.

The below are five trends that cover design in terms of design trends, logo design, illustration and branding.

  1. Intensifying minimalism
Intensifying minimalism 1

A trend seen in 2010 in forms of flat minimal design. This trend is expected to intensify in 2020. This trend is largely influenced by consumers need for transparency and honesty. The removal of embellishments to create cleaner and simpler design is the forecast of this trend. There is a large possibility that this trend will border an intentionally unfinished appearance to further enforce the idea of transparency. The trend will be identifiable by simple colours, font, graphics and large white space.

2. Abstract 3D and vibrant colours

Abstract 3D and vibrant colours 1

This trend is driven on 3D renditions which create points of interest for viewers. Pairing bright colours together with typography and imagery are the core of the trend. The addition of 3D elevates this into a future forward mindset and youthful approach which projects advancing technology and expansion.

3. GIFs on a new level

made nikitin891 1

More and more brands began exploring new ways of bringing their brands to life 2019 by using animated GIFs in their logos, website landing pages, email communications and loads more. This quirky method of advertising has changed the way consumers view information, which is mind stimulating and engaging.

4. Making brand stories more believable

Making brand stories more believable 1

Storytelling is a fundamental part of graphic design. The pressure to create though provoking realistic and true depictions is increasing as consumers are persuaded by reality and driven on being emotionally invested in brands who resonate and stand for real life instances that affect them personally.

Companies and brands such as Sanlam, Unilever, Dove, McCain, Volkswagen are practising this trend.

5. Immersive experiences

Immersive experiences 1

Augmented reality found in AR and phone and camera technology are becoming a growing trend as this makes for more engagement and boost in sales. This trend is increasing as it includes the real-life experiences on consumers and allows for consumer input and review on existing products therefore reinforcing trend number 4 Making brand stories more believable.