A day in the life of a Graphic Designer

What does a day of work for a graphic designer entail…?

If this is a field of work you are interested in pursuing, here is what to anticipate. The average day of a graphic designer is different from the normal ways and methods of working. This is determined by the type of work, line of expertise and the environment – large studio, freelance/home office.

Let us take a look at what it all entails!

In a nutshell the sole purpose of a graphic designer, no matter your area of expertise or line of work is to communicate information visually in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This primary purpose is what drives marketing and advertising. Marketing and advertising focuses on representing products or services that stand out from other competitors, by means of eye catching design and originality of concept.

To successfully achieve this, it is the job of a graphic designer to pay close attention to the target audience, religion, demographics and social economic circumstances. This can be slightly difficult to master as designers are people first and designers second. However, a good tip to keep in mind is that design is subjective. Everyone has their own interpretation of subject matter, but it is the designer’s job to identify the best possible way of communicating information without being offensive or insensitive towards the subject matter and audience.

The work life span and growth of a graphic designer is built on personal drive. This means that the designer is responsible for growth by means of self-learning and exploration. Learning new methods, design software and techniques are all essential for a designer to stay relevant and on trend. Of course, not forgetting to stay true to design fundamentals and being cognisant of design history.

Whether you work in a large studio or freelance from a home office space, the overall gratification that comes from designing creative pieces of work supersedes the demanding industry which never sleeps and constantly evolves. Remember to always love what you do and make sure design is at the centre of your being. Stay inspired and constantly push the envelope.