Digital Trends 2020

Are you aware of the latest digital trends for 2020? Looking to maximize your digital and online presence for 2020… well look no further. These trends will attract new clients, connect existing clients and make your brand stand out.

An infographic designed and hosted at Coastal Creative summaries the digital trends of 2020. https://www.coastalcreative.com/design-trends/

Below is a list of the eight trends swarming the digital space.

  1. VR Panorama
  2. Surreal product photos
  3. Zero gravity
  4. Realistic Textures
  5. Abstract Data Visualization
  6. Yellow Backgrounds and accents
  7. Multimedia Portraits
  8. Earth and Sky 2.0

This incredible shift in design is sure to enhance and create traction for your business. While change is hard to grasp, as we can see it is necessary to keep updated and on trend. However, remaining true to brand principles is fundamental. It is fine to switch things up by incorporating small amounts of new to the old.