We’ve gone Back to the Future

Notice something a little different? We’ve gone back …to our first-love retro style logo merged with our modern look… to the future.

Our ‘old meets new’ Blue Juice brand is both symbolic of our new operating model, and our personal style.

Over 12 years, we built the traditional agency model, with fixed roles and working hours, large offices and increasing overheads which became restrictive. To meet the needs of our ever-changing world, we have restructured to deliver better value, enabling us to grow our service offering. Through the process we’ve embraced digital ways of working and our creatives’ needs, moving to a decentralised model. Our team now work from anywhere, anytime to deliver value-added ‘juice’ to you.

We’re not just another design agency. We’re strategic partners helping you to fill gaps and deliver assets that are fit for purpose. Did you know we’ve often bridged the gap between teams and third-party developers to help them ‘talk’ to each other? We become project managers, first understanding the technology and then branding it based on functionality limitations or possibilities. A fully integrated communications campaign is then co-created with templated assets that teams can easily edit. By eliminating the ‘techy talk’ and non-editable artwork, we enable you to be streamlined and deliver cost-effective comms solutions.

While we have a variety of clients from start-ups to global giants, our core business is in the internal communications space, specifically embedding culture change, new IT systems and ways of working. We’ve done extensive work with HR functions, focusing on learning platforms, EVP, candidate journeys and diversity & inclusion. Cross-functionally, we often deliver CEO-level presentations and strategy frameworks. We’ve found our niche and provide value beyond design through experience, partnership and flexibility.

We’re also excited to share that we’re expanding our creative portfolio with Amaysing Spaces, the interior design arm of Blue Juice. We’ve always shared a love for interiors and kept it as a side project, where our creativity has flowed into our homes, offices and commercial spaces. Our signature style is a mix of vintage meets modern with a touch of Africa.

Our decentralised model is allowing us to relocate at year end to Cape Town, the epicentre of design in South Africa, where we can absorb and culminate our creativity further.

Sandy and Darryn