Check Your Mindset: Stress is Good

We’ve been doing a lot of work around mindset for campaigns and one golden nugget we’ve come across is related to how we view stress.

Stress is most often perceived as debilitating. ‘Oh, I’m so stressed’ rings down corridors, right? But seen through the right lens, Dr Alia Crum, shows stress is a positive force. A video she produced for Yale positions stress for a positive mindset:

“Most people assume that in order to perform, you need to be calm and stress
free. But in reality pressure fuels peak performance. The stress response pumps adrenaline throughout your body fueling the brain and body with blood and oxygen, increasing energy and heightening alertness. This stress response is designed to enhance your focus, decision making, drive and performance.”
The take out: balance is essential to manage stress and busier lifestyles, but a healthy dose of stress is good.

At Blue Juice we thrive on just the right level of stress… let’s say we do well under pressure. Keeping it at the right level is all about balance. We use technology to automate and simply some tasks and scale up our team when we need to crank out more than usual (that’s the delegate note below).