Easy Screen Recording with BandiCam

Video is the ideal way to share information, especially when you need to explain the use of a new system to clients or employees. But how do you record the use of your new spiffy system?  We found this nifty free software, BandiCam, https://www.bandicam.com/ .

Follow these steps to start a recording:

Click on General.

Choose a file destination where you would like the video file to be saved.

Click on Video.

Make sure these boxes are checked:

Click on Settings

Make sure quality is on 100 and Codec on MPEG4

Click on Home

Select Full screen if you have one monitor. Select Rectangle area if you have a dual screen. Note: Drag the area tool to display the area in which you would like BandiCam to record.

Click the record button.


Click Stop button and check the file destination to review your recording.

Happy filming!