Welcome to Amaysing Spaces, our interior design and decorating arm.

Our signature style makes interiors comfortable, stylish and functional spaces to live and work.

Heritage homes and industrial office spaces in particular get our creative juices flowing. We give them life with our signature old meets new style with a touch of local flavour. View our portfolio >

We take on just about any project from a guest bathroom to a full house or office, and love them all.

Our process starts with a meet and greet in the space you want to transform. We’ll discuss your vision and requirements. If you don’t have a vision and just a wishlist don’t panic… we’re good at visualizing potential and seeing past existing colour, décor and even walls! We’ll take measurements and get to work on a quote based on your budget.

Projects commence with approval of a budget, then a plan and mood board. Through the journey we’ll collect and present options for you to choose – think tiles, carpets, countertop surfaces, fabrics etc. For furniture we present photos of the pieces we feel work best for you space. Often it’s best to see pieces in person so we’ll take you on a ‘piece parade’ where we show you the items we’ve selected for you to choose from. We also offer custom built bespoke furniture made to order. During any renovation we’ll work in collaboration with your builder, architect, electricians and plumbers to get the timing of the interior finishes right. The last bit is the best when the magic happens and we decorate your space into something special, unique and definitely meant for you.


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