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November 22, 2017
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Are you getting ready to plan your social media campaigns for the year ahead? Brand intelligence agency Ornico and technology and strategy group World Wide Worx, recently released their South Africa Social Media Landscape 2018 report.

Here’s the highlights:

  • 16 million South Africans now use Facebook. That’s 29% (almost a third) of the population. It’s an increase of 2 million users since 2016.
  • 14 million of these users access Facebook via mobile phones or tablets.
  • Facebook Lite has had a major impact in helping Facebook use to spread through all sectors of South Africa’s population. It was the 5th most downloaded app from the Google Play Store for Android phones in 2017.
  • There are now 8 million Twitter users in SA, up from from 7.7 million in 2016. In the US the number of users is falling. Twitter use is still growing slowly outside the US though, maintaining user numbers. In SA it’s still the most popular social platform for discussing news and public issues, and has strong user engagement.
  • LinkedIn has grown from 5.5 million to 6.1 million users.
  • Instagram app use has increased from 3.5 million to 3.8 million users. Growth has slowed dramatically.

The study included the results of a survey of the social media usage of 118 of South Africa’s leading brands and found that:

  • 97% of brands use Facebook, 90% use Twitter, 72% use LinkedIn, 72% use Instagram
  • The top benefits of social media advertising are rated to be:
    • Brand awareness
    • Customer insight
    • Sales
  • Facebook is far ahead of the other platforms in terms of advertising, with 86% of brands using it. Twitter follows at 45%, Instagram at 40% and Linked in at 35%.

View the report summary here >

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