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November 8, 2017
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Do you ever wonder how people in creative jobs manage to keep coming up with new ideas and branding every day, particularly under pressure?

Here’s how we do it at Blue Juice, and these tips can work for you, too:

Deadlines drive us

Having to think ‘in-the-box’ due to a tight deadline and knowing your limitation is useful. It forces us to be more precise and focused from the brief to the creative process and the output.

Mix pressure with purpose

A study by Harvard Business School has shown that pressure alone rarely fuels creativity. But, when pressure is combined with something meaningful, and teams feel that they are part of a bigger mission, they excel and deliver more creative solutions. We always see the bigger picture and deliver projects that add value whether big or small.

Creativity is often problem solving

As visual communicators we don’t just make things look pretty.  There’s a purpose behind a design/website/asset and a problem to solve.  Thinking about it in this way and finding inspiration helps the creative process hugely.

Concentrate on process

To get rid of the jitters when you’re trying to produce something creative under pressure, it’s good to get absolutely clear on the desired outcome, and then concentrate on the PROCESS. Focus and pay attention to the separate steps required to relax enough to be innovative, instead of being a deer in the headlights.

Know the triggers

When do you have your most creative ideas? When you’re driving or at the gym? Most of our team know what works to trigger their creative juices, and can draw on this to create the right creative conditions. For example, if you’re a morning person get to work early or keep a notepad handy to jot down ideas in between brushing your teeth and getting your java fix.

Get many perspectives

Brainstorming and collaboration are something we live by at Blue Juice. The more diverse the team the more interesting, fresh ideas you’ll get too.  And it doesn’t mean hours and hours of discussions – brainstorming is bouncing ideas off each other and it creates amazing results fast.

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