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September 29, 2017
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October 16, 2017

The Business of Giving Back

With the rise of global citizenship and high numbers of millennials in the workforce, corporate social responsibility has become more important than ever. CSR programmes improve staff morale and company visibility, and it’s vital for your programme to have a well-designed strategy and communications roll-out plan.

Here are our Blue Juice dos and don’ts:

Plan and Integrate. Your website, internal and external communications and social media strategy all need to be integrated for your programme to land well both internally and externally. Be clear and keep your messaging consistent.

Share, share, share! Make good use of social media to share your CSR projects. You’ll strengthen your corporate reputation and your employer brand.

Be real. Be genuine and transparent. Don’t delete uncomfortable messages from social media. Acknowledge where there are problems that need to be addressed.

Show respect for those who receive your donations/goodwill and make sure that you have permission to use their images, etc. in your communications.

Don’t underestimate the influence of millennials. Millennials in your work force expect you to engage with them around what you’re doing to make a positive difference, and those seeking employment want to work for companies that are doing good.

The Deloitte Millennial Survey for 2017 found that:

  • 88% of millennials believe that business is a force for social change
  • 77% of millennials are involved in some sort of charitable work
  • 76% of millennials believe that business should have a positive social impact

Remember what great advocates your employees are. It’s important for them to be aware of, understand and come to embrace the CSR work that you’re doing. Ideally, everyone from factory floor to management should be able to tell people about the good work that your company is doing, and feel proud of it. Employees, especially millennials, want to take action, so make sure that it’s easy for them to get involved. The more they know about what you’re doing, the more participation there will be. And if they like what you’re doing, they’ll share it.

Show, don’t tell. Show the impact that your good work is having and include stories from recipients themselves whenever you can. Remember that it’s not about telling people how wonderful you’re being. Focus on the benefits created for those in need.

See some examples of CSR projects and communications we’ve had the good fortune to work on:

Mandela Day

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