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These days it’s essential for your company to have a presence on social media. Instead of being overwhelmed, get to know the different platforms and embrace the opportunities they give you to showcase your brand and have real conversations with your consumers and prospective employees.

Tips to keep in mind:

Remember that each social media platform is different. Research which social media platforms your audience uses and consider targeting different groups on the platforms they use the most. Also think about which platforms are best suited to the messages you want to deliver and remember to adapt your style of writing to suit the platform. By focusing on the channels most relevant to you and your customers you’ll save yourself time and be able to focus on deeper engagement with your audience.

Plan ahead. It’s essential to have a strategy behind the content that you post, so decide how regularly you’ll be posting, create a content outline and stick to it. This will also help you to keep your messaging cohesive and consistent.

You’ll need to create content, content and more content! Brainstorm content ideas and work to create a stock of links and articles so that you don’t have to create new items at the last minute.

Aim to engage! Make your posts eye-catching and remember that you need to differentiate yourself from everything else that’s out there. Post videos, create surveys, ask for feedback. Delight your readers and they’ll share your content.

Understand social media etiquette. Know the rules of engagement and be transparent. Your audience wants to know that they’re dealing with real people and that your company is trustworthy.

Keep up to date. Social media is evolving all the time. It’s vital to stay informed and be aware of the latest trends and available features. Be open to learning continuously and trying new things.

Check your stats. Measure the impact that your posts are having and don’t blindly stick to your plan if it’s not working. Be clear on the results that you want to produce and be willing to adapt your strategy when necessary.

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