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May 29, 2017
Calling all Students and Grads!
May 31, 2017


‘playbour’ is a phrase we’ve coined at Blue Juice.  It means work that feels like fun.  It goes beyond work/life balance which, for most organisations, generally means keeping to a 9-5pm schedule so employees have time for after hours activities to keep the ‘balance’.

‘playbour’ for us is about much more than working hours.  We believe that to do our best we need to enjoy what we do every day as individuals, and as a team.  It’s a mindset that shapes us from who we recruit, to having a mindset of learning and curiosity, and how we shape roles around individual strengths and goals.  We make a point of exposing our team to different kinds of jobs so they learn new skills, are flexible to be able to work on any account and don’t get bored – something we have to guard against with creatives.

No one in our team is pigeon holed – ever.  We see our team and their skills as something that grows and morphs over time through exposure to different types of work and through inspiration.  Life is about exploration, and being in a creative industry where digital rules and change is the norm, means we need to keep up with latest trends in design, communications and technology – and most importantly we have to keep evolving and so roles have to change too which in itself is fun.

As a creative myself, I know that being in a rut is death to creativity and idea generation.  So, I make it a point to challenge our team with different tasks – things they wouldn’t think to learn or try to pick up. For example, I’m not sure someone in a graphic design role would normally be asked to learn and understand Google AdWords or figure out a technical issue in Outlook a client is struggling with – why get the IT bloke to do it when you can learn something new and figure it out yourself? Through doing this we’re ensuring our team fuse design with digital in any way possible – now days the one can’t exist without the other.

Challenging ourselves, constantly learning and being brave means ‘playbour’.  How do we keep inspired?  Through Inspiration Station – every second Monday we each take turns to share with the team what inspires us.  It ranges from current trend on design and web, to fashion, a Ted Talk video or the latest robotics!

We’ve had this approach since our inception, now 10 years ago, and it’s worked for us.  I encourage all graduates and those already in careers to keep questioning your skills, look at what you can learn to grow and keep developing.  We believe it’s the only way to stay relevant and to have fun on the job!

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