We are Blue Juice! Whether you need a big campaign or something small developed, we want to work with you!


No, we are not a company that makes flavoured waters and fizzy drinks, but we do know how to refresh your ideas.

We are an innovative design and digital agency, based in South Africa, that believes in delivering value. We create unique employee and consumer brand solutions with forward thinking branding, integrated design and digital solutions.

Our BLUE Philosophy. Wait, what?

We live our BLUE values: Bold. Lively. Unique. Effective.

Our values inspire our team. By being BOLD we take on new challenges, are confident and courageous to deliver every job big or small with impact. LIVELY ensures we are passionate, quirky, energetic and fun. Each team member is UNIQUE. We leverage our diversity and different perspectives to create unique solutions. To be EFFECTIVE we work as a unit in an untraditional way to deliver at super-sonic speed.